Investment advisory service is a customer-focused strategic orientation of Pacific Bridge Capital. With a team of professional experts who are experienced and knowledgeable of the financial markets, we always endeavor to give the most appropriate and optimized advice for each customer.
According to the needs of the customers, we will give advice to minimize the risks, maximize the profits. We work with each client to jointly develop and coincide on investment policy in order to determine the investment objectives which fit the short, medium and long investment time.
Accordingly, the client can set clear goals and investment time; risk acceptance ability; and safety standards. Diversity needs to be guaranteed in the process of investing.
Based on investment policy, Pacific Bridge Capital will provide customers the following services:

Portfolio planning and management consultancy

Investment consulting in stocks, bonds investment or other assets investment that comply with the law

Consulting on risk management policies in the course of investment

Building the intensive investment reports as per request of the customer